Dulu Matted Placemat
Dulu Matted Placemat
Dulu Matted Placemat
Dulu Matted Placemat

Dulu Matted Placemat

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The Dulu Matted Placemat is made with water hyacinth/water lily or locally known as meteka. Assam is rich with this weed of a plant that only if tamed provides its utility or else meteka is seriously injurious to the aquatic life and its habitat on which it grows.

The Connecting NER Dulu Placemats with its neutral colour and featherweight will suit just about any space you have for it.

Whether you want to use it as a set for your dining table or as placemats to store your statues or artifacts around your house; add a little piece from north-east India to it.

  • Avoid harsh direct sunlight
  • Regular cleaning: dust or vacuum regularly
  • Keep Dry
  • Deep clean with soft detergent or warm wet cloth only

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Style Set of 4

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