Red-Elaichi Stem Placemats and Runner Set (Of 6) (Cardamom stem)


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Our Elaichi stem placemats have been made by a group of women in remote towns of Arunachal Pradesh, situated very high up in the state- not frequented by many visitors. These cardamom made wares are slowly becoming a large part of these women’s livelihoods, since options for sustaining other occupations are very low, given their location and local demands. The Connecting NER  Elaichi Placemats ensures to highlight the spaces it is set in. Its’ colour is natural yet so unique will suit just about any space you have for it. Whether you want to use it as a set for your dining table or as placemats to store your statues or artifacts around your house; add a little piece from north-east India to it.


The CNER Elaichi Tableware Set in White

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19’’ inch x 13’’ inch

38” inch x 13’’ inch x 40.5’’ inch


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