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DinoBlaster: Dead Asteroid is a software-controlled arcade-style asteroid chase game. It is fully 3D rendered and works on both PC and Mac.
In DinoBlaster: Dead Asteroid you are Sidestep, a skilled space pilot, who dodges space rocks all you want. Luckily for you, a new asteroid blip comes from nowhere and threatens your very existence.
What makes DinoBlaster: Dead Asteroid different from other asteroid games you’ve played before, is the unique gem of an arcade-style game engine that I’ve put together and improved over many months.
In addition to great animation and sounds, the highlight of DinoBlaster: Dead Asteroid is, and always will be the 3D engine which I’ve created. This engine is fully customizable so it can be tailored to fit almost any scheme on the current and upcoming consoles and PC.
Learn how to use this 3D engine and its time-based tweens to master the challenges of dodging asteroids and rescuing them from imminent collision with the Earth.
Learn what’s involved in creating your own space adventure game from a newbie perspective.
Hope you enjoy it. Download DinoBlaster: Dead Asteroid now.
* A new kind of arcade asteroid chase
* Tweenable: a fully customizable, time-based 3D engine.
* A moody soundtrack.
* Sci-Fi inspired graphics with Edstone style effects.
* Neo-brutal action-adventure gameplay.
* Space Sages (DinoBlaster: Dead Asteroid emulators): Use the 3D engine to export your gameplay and share it on the www for all your friends and foes to admire.
* Play local or online multiplayer.

If you’re a fan of Old-School Space Shooters (OSSS), check out the excellent Space Panic.

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DinoBlaster: Dead Asteroid Webpage


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Binary Run Features Key:

  • Intuitive Gameplay: Move like a beast, leap like a bird, swim like the shark. Tap to Sprint, double tap to Attack. Tackle and kick to evade.
  • Realistic Animals: Mighty Mammoths, Sneaky Foxes, Skulking Otters. Flex your imagination as you learn the moves and instincts of 31 different animals.
  • Detailed Gameplay Engine: Dash, dive, leap, kick, slide in an immersive Flash experience.


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“Race to become the best racer on the planet! Win the big money and trophies along the way!”
-Description from the developer
A new multiplayer race-based sim game has been developed by the Singapore-based design studio, Mutant Level Design. As a competitive Buggy racing game, our game is built around the main requirement of fun and entertainment. The aim of the game is to become a better racer, improve your driving skills and do well in the upcoming races. We hope that by adopting a fun, relaxed and enjoyable race-based training game, we can successfully bridge the gap between you and a real professional buggy racer.
Buggy Racing Game Features:
Multiplayer Game
Race against other remotely controlled buggies in a ghostly, semi-anonymous environment.
Realistic, character-driven physics
As with real buggy racing, our physics realistically re-create the physics of real racing buggies. We have taken great care to preserve the challenges and adrenaline rush of the buggy racing experience by simulating a powerful physics-based play experience.
Realistic racing buggies
In the game, you’ll race against real buggy, tuned by professional drivers of racing buggies. For a more thrilling experience, different game settings, weather, obstacle fields, etc can be adjusted to suit your play style.
Real race atmosphere
Different buggy tracks and weather conditions will be brought to life in a Realistic Racing game. As you race, you’ll see all the action taking place around you. You’ll also hear other racers and the environment, providing a realistic race experience.
Unique buggy game mechanic
Our special game mechanic makes buggies move more smoothly than a real buggy could ever move. We’ve introduced a smooth buggy game mechanic to fully immerse you in the buggy race, unlike any other buggy racing games out there.
Xtreme arcade gameplay
You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a competitive and fun race game, where you’ll have to improve your driving skills over time. Your skills will be tested and you’ll be challenged to keep up with your fellow racers. There will be multiple different storylines to follow throughout the race for our players to experience a different racing scenario in an exciting game.
Challenge your friends
In our game, there will be in-game voice chat and various modes of communication through the online matchmaking system. This provides you with the opportunity to challenge your friends to race against


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The game features a new style of play, where the player must test their intelligence and patience using the cards numbered 1-6 instead of the logical or mathematics series. Each game, you will choose an opponent and a question. The opponent will play one card. If the answer is correct, you will be able to pass to the question. If incorrect you will have to pass to the subsequent question, and so on. If you are still unable to answer correctly, the opponent will call an attendant, who will indicate a sum of money. You must then determine how to go about bidding. When you are convinced the sum is yours, you call out the amount of money and the official presents you with the card.In the game “5-in-1 Bundle Brain Trainings”, the player will be presented with 5 tasks. Three questions are asked from the following lists: definitions, general knowledge and maths. The other two questions are from the same category as in the game “6-in-1 IQ Scale Bundle”. Game “Fluid Intelligence – 3-in-1 Bundle Brain Trainings” Gameplay:
The game is split into 3 categories. The first is the “fluid intelligence” category. This is a numerical game that is easily understood. You can choose 3 simple tasks and answer them with numbers ranging from 1 to 4. The score is based on the frequency of the correct answers, so you are encouraged to answer as quickly as possible. The second category is “general knowledge”. This game is not so simple and you will need to be very attentive. You must choose 3 tasks from a list of 10. You will be allowed to hold up to three responses before making a selection. The points are awarded for the fastest response and the number of correct answers. In the third category, the player will select the answer to one of three questions. The game is similar to a riddle. The number of correct answers are recorded and so is the time.Game “4-in-1 IQ Scale Bundle” Gameplay:
The game is based on four simple tasks. The player is required to play the question card and answer as follows: 1) the number of an animal, 2) the size of a building, 3) the number of a city, 4) the origin of a toponym. You will play an opponent first. They will play one card and if they play the correct answer, you will play the next question. If they play the incorrect answer you will play the next question and so on.


What’s new in Binary Run:

    – Thousandfold

    , also known as Mugen Souls Z – Overwhelming G Up Fever Bundle – Thousandfold, is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It is the sequel to Tsukumo, which was developed in-house by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation Vita.


    Nero Vaché, the protagonist of a new kid named Nero, has been kidnapped by an alternate world called Arthea, and brought here seeking away to restore the lost world of Umise. But on the way to Umise, his kidnapped body gets infected and he is “applied” as a master hero together with his party’s members to overcome one after another dangerous Battle Stage against an overwhelming attack called “G Up: Fever”.

    As a hero, Nero is required to earn score by defeating monsters with his character-specific combat skills and magic power, while his team also helps him to defeat enemies by using various partners, sub-classes or Heroes / Warriors. Besides, when the player encounters a monster, there are multiple stages to fight monsters until they can be defeated. In this process, he is accompanied with a friend or a party’s members to boost his score further against difficult hurdles. Among his party members, there are 3 sub-classes each designed for offense (Sword, Spear), defense (Magic, Shield) and support (Healer). As a party, they can be exchanged by sub-class swap in the other team and player’s turn. His partner for battle in the party only serves as a machine gun in the beginning, and can automatically build up various skills with the player’s combat experience and items.

    At the beginning of the game, all the party members of Nero’s party have their own bio-status, denoting the mastery of the skills they are capable of using at that point. However, it can be modified through the course of the game. The game uses the previous system of awakening effects in gameplay and battle results are calculated based on the combination of Nero’s Bio-status and the Awakening Effect of his party members.

    The battle result depends on the creation of the Combination, which is a function to add or remove the effect of a skill and has certain awakening effect. As the battle continues, the quality of the combination deteriorates, and Nero will lose the ability to use a recovered skill and he will have to consume Awakening Point for it


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    Pro Lead:
    Pro Lead is the premium quality racing simulator currently occupying the DSSC. There are thirty one user controlled modern prototype race cars out on the track.
    Pro Class:
    Pro Class cars can only be piloted by 2 people at a time, in order to keep the co-operative game-play elements to a minimum. This method of play means there are a variety of races to run, some slower and more technical than others, each with its own assortment of hazards.
    Pride of the Track:
    Pride of the Track is a simple solo race against yourself to see who can get through the first turn and out of the track on the fastest lap.

    The game is still under development.


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    Category:Windows-only gamesWilliam Prentice (cricketer)

    William Prentice (14 December 1826 – 11 December 1882) was an English cricketer. He was born at Bow Lanes, Rotherhithe, Kent in 1826.

    Prentice made his first-class debut for Kent in 1844 against Sussex. He made 16 further first-class appearances for Kent, the last of which came against Sussex in 1852. He scored a total of 149 runs in first-class matches, which included a single half century. In a first-class career of less than one year, he scored a total of 89 runs at an average of 6.34 and a high score of 17. As a bowler, he took 6 wickets at a bowling average of 19.66, with best figures of 3 for 32. He was later the cricket umpire in a single first-class match in 1854 between Kent and Sussex.

    Prentice died at Brighton in 1882. His son, James, also played first-class cricket.


    External links
    William Prentice at ESPNcricinfo
    William Prentice at CricketArchive

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WIZARDS: 20,062
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