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CollectyCut gives you a simple, convenient and smart software for people who regularly have to study and process large amounts of heterogeneous text information.
When reading a blog or article we often encounter an interesting idea worth thinking of, or a link to seemingly useful information, but, alas, we don’t have time to deal with them now. We write this thought to a sheet of paper, save it to a special IDEAS file, or stick to the display.
However, later we find out that the sheet was thrown away by the office-cleaner, the sticker fell off the monitor a year ago and the IDEAS file is overfilled with ideas so it is impossible to find links to the topic we are interested in _now_.
To solve these problems, we have developed CollectyCut.
When is CollectyCut useful?
■ Gleaning information
■ Preparing news, analyzing and developing a specific topic
■ Encountering important information when browsing Internet
■ Encountering an interesting point of view, fact or aphorism in a blog, board or e-mail message.
■ Searching for information on the topic To find information stored earlier, just drag the necessary tag to the search area.
Who needs CollectyCut?
■ Bloggers
■ Journalists
■ Analysts
■ Copywriters
■ And everyone who spends much time in the net, boards or blogs.
Here are some key features of “CollectyCut”:
■ Easily add quotes
■ Easily tag quotes
■ Easily search for quotes
■ Export html
■ Unicode support
■ Good-looking quote display
■ 333 MHz processor (600 MHz recommended)
■ 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
■ 7MB of free hard disk space
■ Administrator Privileges







CollectyCut Crack For Windows [Updated-2022]

CollectyCut Crack For Windows is a small and handy software for tagging and managing quotes. Anyone who wants to spend less time on the net and more time in creativity will love this software.
CollectyCut is very simple to use. Just drag and drop the relevant tag to the search area. It is that simple.
CollectyCut Features:
* Easily add quotes
* Easily tag quotes
* Easily search for quotes
* Export html
* Good-looking quote display
* Unicode support
* Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista support
The software is currently available in the following languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
The software will feature Google spell checker and auto-complete.
The software is currently available for download at:


December 4th 2006
Version 1.0 Beta ready
– Completely rewritten quote database
– Completely rewritten user interface and profile management
– Added the context-sensitive system settings tool (Windows > System Settings)
– Added “Run as Administrator” option to install.exe
– Added “Startup” and “Settings” menus
– Added “Unicode” menu option in the context menu
– Fixed bug in quote extraction
– Fixed bug in import/export html
– Added multiple threads for faster speed
– Added command line interface
– Fixed bug in the ‘add file’ function
– Fixed bug when file is added twice to a quote collection
– Fixed bug with automatic quote display
– Improved usability in all windows
– Removed ‘Wait For Keyboard’ option
– Fixed bugs with the “Insert” key when in the clipboard
– Added “Help” menu item in the help menu
– Improved application help (in English)
– Added some polish
– Russian Language support
– Added Spanish-Uruguayan and Spanish-Italian translations
– Russian and Spanish translators available
A very special thanks to:
Aleksey Boucheruk
Daniel Boucheruk
Rahim Boucheruk
Armando Watanabe
Antonio Kitano
Baltasar Palomeque
Special thanks also to:
David Legarreta

CollectyCut Keygen For (LifeTime)

CollectyCut is a WYSIWYG software, using the code named CollectyCut Image Format. The source codes has been translated and modified from
CollectyCut Source
Aftertaste Software
The CollectyCut interface is inspired by many tagging and quoting softwares, but there are no existing software that can match CollectyCut features.
All you need to do is open CollectyCut application, and simply navigate the internet. You can:
■ Add quoted text to the main window
■ Cut and paste any texts to the main window
■ Tags the selected text by dragging them to the “Shortcuts” area.
■ Easily save html in Unicode format
■ Add more tags to the “Shortcuts” area.
■ Use preset “Shortcuts” areas.
■ For more information about CollectyCut see “What’s in the Book” below.
What’s in the Book:
■ One of the greatest things about CollectyCut is to have a place to store your text information. Say, a blog with many quotations, news, comments, ideas, etc, it would be very difficult if all of that information would be stored in the same website – and even more difficult to find the references again later.
■ CollectyCut is your only place to store your data.
■ CollectyCut is the collection of everything you ever thought about or read about.
■ CollectyCut is organized in logical categories to simplify its search.
■ CollectyCut is more than a tag filter, it’s a general source to store all types of information.
■ CollectyCut is fully Unicode, enabling it to display all characters including Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Cyrillic and even Aghori codes.
■ CollectyCut is fully customizable, you can change colors and fonts, and even the quotes display format.
■ CollectyCut is fast and memory efficient, very suitable for small and portable programs.
■ CollectyCut is for everyone, you don’t need special skills to use CollectyCut.

CollectyCut For Windows

CollectyCut is a total revolution in collecting large amount of quotes, ideas, text, images, videos, audio, links or media files. All this data should be put in a special directory called “Ideas”.
Using a new feature called “tags” you can easily tag quotes with the following types:
Blog Post: “philosophy”, “taxation”, “cyberwar”, “politics”, “economy”
Journalism: “russia”, “usa”, “poland”, “japan”
Text: “economics”, “medicine”, “philosophy”
Newswire: “evolution”, “technology”
Content: “history”, “film”, “works”
It’s also possible to collect quotes on a particular point of view or topic:
“my topic”
“in the humanities”
“in philosophy”
“on economics”
“in movies”
CollectyCut quotes are supported in unicode, so it’s possible to use quotes or tags in many languages.
The program allows you to export the idea directory as a html page and include all your ideas in your blog.
The installation package includes a set of ideas, specially selected for busy bloggers. Also, a set of standard tags are included so you can start your own set of tags.
[ “clean of ideas” ]
CollectyCut only requires 7 MB of free space on your hard drive.
CollectyCut is provided free of charge. Commercial sale is not possible.
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What’s New In?

■ CollectyCut is the fastest and smartest way to process huge amounts of heterogeneous textual data.
■ Without requiring a lot of time and thinking, it can extract information from the Internet and organize it in a way that allows us to get out of our everyday tasks.
■ It has been tested with over 10000 quotations and works without your computer crashing, freezing or losing information.
■ You can use CollectyCut in two ways:
■ Personal/Individual
■ Workplace
How to use CollectyCut
CollectyCut works almost instantly, and shows you the information you need at all times.
So, in the example above, you’d first perform the universal search, select the suitable tags, drag the quote to the tag area, and press the search button.
After the search is performed, it will display the result in the right pane.
There are some additional features in CollectyCut:
■ You can filter results by tags, time, author, quotation, source, and so on.
■ You can also sort the results to show them according to the date and time the message appeared online.
■ It can be configured to show a specific number of results per screen or use a zoomed-out view to fit more on the screen.
■ Even though the program has a lot of functions, it is very easy to use and can easily be configured for your unique needs.
■ Universal search engine
■ Smart: 20K quotes per 15 minute on my computer
■ Organized: When you copy/pasted text into the program, it sorted them into the groups.
■ Powerful: Because the program can separate every type of data, it can be used for everything from finding information on the origin of a quote to finding the meaning of a word or author’s secret.
■ Easy: Just add tags/search and you are ready to search.
■ Useful: The program automatically groups related data for you.
■ Customizable: You can access more information by clicking on the “Add Tags” button.
■ Compatibility: CollectyCut has been tested on Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and 7.
Using CollectyCut doesn’t require any special knowledge or high hardware.
It is like having a personal research assistant at your fingertips, even if you

System Requirements:

Operating System:
Mac OS X v10.6.6 or later
Game Engine:
Half-Life 1 game engine
Video Card:
nVidia 9800 GSO 512 MB or ATI Radeon X1900 GT 512 MB or better
Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card:
DirectSound Compatible Sound Card
Additional Notes:
Burning Times:
4-6 Hours
As of 8/25/09, I’ve