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With its cheery-sounding name, snippy doesn't deal with puppies or anything cute, for that matter. In fact, snippy is an application that was created for GameMaker Studio 2 users who want to be able to edit code snippets for their created games. It's more of an alternative to the already existing standard editor. The idea behind it is to make code editing more accessible for game developers using GMS2.
Before using it, you'll have to identify the GMS2 directory. In theory, the app should find it itself, but for more accuracy, it's always good to navigate to the specific directory yourself. You'll also have to select the shortcut you need to edit. Saving can very easily be done by accessing the menu at the top left of the application.
While code snippets aren't really a popular thing among most developers, being able to change that particular string to whatever it is you need or want could change the importance of this particular element in the future. Thus, while it might not hold that much value at this point, the future could very well change all that. Regardless, snippy can be a part of your GMS2 project workflow right now.


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snippy is a tool to help users to quickly write and edit GMS2 code snippets.
What can snippy do?

snippy is an app that can edit custom code snippets.
You can read/edit code snippets that were previously created using GMS2 code snippet builder.
snippy allows you to create a custom code snippet, by copying/editing one that was made by another user.
snippy allows you to create, edit, delete and copy snippets.
snippy enables you to automatically replace variables used in the code snippet with the values that are selected in the variables area.
The snippet can be edited by clicking the “Edit” button in the code snippet area.
The code snippet can be saved by clicking the “Save” button in the snippet area.
You can change the active code snippet by clicking the “Select active code snippet” button in the top left of the application.
You can select a new snippet to add or replace by selecting a new snippet or a snippet you already have.
You can access a list of snippets by clicking the “Snippets” button in the top left of the application.
If you want to create a new snippet or edit an existing snippet, you can click the “New” or “Edit” button in the snippet area.
You can delete a snippet by clicking the “Delete” button in the snippet area.
When you click the “Run” button in the snippet area, the code snippet can be executed by clicking the play button.
Code snippets are saved to the GMS2 directory.
snippy offers the following shortcuts.

Copy – C
Paste – V
Delete – DEL
Run – F5

snippy will be added to the Developer’s toolbox.

Download snippy:

Download snippy version
Download snippy for iOS and Android.

How to install snippy:

snippy is a Windows application.
snippy can be installed with the installation package downloaded from this website.

You will need to rename the installation folder. If you have renamed the original folder name, it’s very likely that you will have to re-name the installation folder when you extract the installation package.
You can find the GMS2 installation directory by opening the start menu and entering ‘gms2’ in the search bar

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Yay, you did it! After one hour, you’ve completed your first project using the features of GMS2. Congratulations! Now, you should be editing code that makes the UI, gameplay, level design, and everything else that will shape your game. But you know what? You’ve got lots of code to go through. To save time and effort, you want to learn the shortcuts and conventions of coding.
What is Snippy?
Snippy is an interactive text editor that allows you to create, edit and create your own code snippets. It’s easy to use and you don’t even have to know the GMS2 programming language. Just select the text in your application and use the shortcuts on your keyboard to create the code.
You can download the Snippy companion app from Google Play.
The only thing I am concerned about is a fairly constant error that I keep running into. It doesn’t affect the development of the app but when a user is starting their game for the first time, there is a constant error about all the packages not being found. Thus, while it may be a potential problem for the future, it isn’t affecting the usage of the program today.
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If you are a programmer who is looking for an easy way to edit code snippets, then the Snippy app is for you. This program was made specifically for GameMaker Studio 2 and has three main functions. Snippy will scan your GMS2 folder, find any file containing a script, and then open the file inside of GMS2 so that you can edit it. It also has two modes of operation: the main menu, and an editor mode. The editor mode allows you to edit the scripts inside the files that you find in your GMS2 folder. It allows you to edit any of the strings in the file, as well as the scripts inside of it, and it also has some basic filters for things like color and font. You can also simply select which files you want to work on and then edit them. The main menu provides quick access to help, the Snippy app, the ability to view your existing files, or to quit the app altogether. The Snippy app runs in the background and can be started from anywhere in your desktop. This way, you can work on GMS2 projects without having to go through all the steps in the main menu. It provides a convenient way to view your existing code snippets and work on them.

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