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ScopePar turns a PC into a multi-channel oscilloscope module utilizing the parallel port, the user interface to which is SeriCon on other PC. If you are using an old PC, boot it by DOS to run this utility and control it by SeriCon on your GUI PC through serial port.
Here are some key features of “ScopePar”:
■ ScopePar is now a 5 channel square wave oscilloscope. Square waves mean that it just reads the high or low levels of the port pins (Later versions may be able to show curves, requiring ADC attached to the port). SeriCon shows only 2 channels, unless you have the full license.
■ Sampling rates around several 100kHz can be reached.
■ The measurement can be triggered by the first channel. You can select the level change (low-to-high or high-to-low).
■ The measurement can be automated by specifying the period of sending the command from SeriCon (with the full license)
■ Intel 386 or higher, or their compatibles


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■ This is the sixth part of the new oscilloscope
■ We have made an oscilloscope module which can be controlled by the serial port
■ Square waves mean that only the high or low levels are read from the port pins
■ We have also put the Serial Port Monitor of SeriCon in this package
■ We have designed the new GUI and implemented a menu
■ We have also implemented many new functions
■ Although this part is very stable in the development, because of many bugs fixed, we are still doing the bug fixing and adding new functions
■ The new interface will be released in the next week or two
ScopePar provides the following new functions:
■ Basic functions and the new interface
■ All of the functions of the other parts can be used
■ Record the changes of the waveform to save it as a file
■ Autoscale the range of the waveform
■ Measurement of the waveform can be triggered by the first channel. You can specify the level change (low-to-high or high-to-low)
■ Autosamples the waveform to make the measurement stable.
■ The measurement can be automatically started by selecting the period of sending the command from SeriCon (with the full license)
■ The measurement can be automatically stopped when reaching the end of the waveform.
■ You can also stop it by clicking the “Stop” button.
■ The measurement can be stopped by clicking the “Stop” button
■ The command window can be closed without errors
ScopePar Installation:
■ This can be installed by copying the files into the directory “C:\Program Files\ScopePar\samples”
■ You need a serial port Monitor to use this. This is included in the package
■ Run “ScopePar.exe” to install it
■ If the folder “C:\Program Files\ScopePar” already exists, you need to delete it first
■ Start SeriCon and navigate to “New Project” in the “Serial Port” window.
■ Select “Serial Port Monitor” and click “Add” button.
■ Click “Next” button to specify the port number (Default: COM1, COM2).
■ The “

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■ This is the KEYMACRO program. Its text screen is in ASCII format. The program is not configurable. Use the “-” key as the ENTER key
■ Use the arrow keys to move the cursor around the screen
■ Use the space bar to enter any commands
■ Press the “DEL” key and press the “RET” key to exit the program
■ If you want to assign the DEL and RET keys to keys other than the number keys, delete the “0” in the below sample (It is a hardcoded value):
“2” to “-”
“(^P) to D
(\1234) to C
Examining the complete source:
When you run “KEYMACRO”, you are presented with a simple menu.
Selecting the “A” key, for example, brings up the ASCII value of “A” in the upper left hand corner of the screen. The first column is the ASCII values, the second column is the hexadecimal values of those characters, and the third column is the actual character represented by those characters.
After a key is selected, the cursor is moved to the desired position on the screen.
After the last character is typed in, pressing the “DEL” key will delete that character. The “RET” key at this time will also cause the carriage to return to the initial character on the screen.
Note that in the ASCII table, a line that ends with a carriage return also ends with a newline character, so if the “RET” key is pressed after typing a character, a newline will be added to the line, causing the final line to be longer than the one before it.
In addition, every key that is typed in is added to a string. When the “DEL” key is pressed, the string is truncated to its last key in the list.
For example, if you type a series of keys, followed by “DEL”, the string will be shortened to the last character you typed (or the DEL key, if you pressed that first).
If you want to delete all the characters from the string, pressing the DEL key after typing “DEL” will delete all the characters from the string.
You can refer to all the keys, their ASCII values and hex values, and their functions in the “KEYMACRO” text file.
Here is a sample of the “KEYMACRO”


1. This utility is a software to control a external scope by serial port. It utilizes a parallel port.
2. The software writes the commands and data to the parallel port and gets the response from the external scope.
3. This software can control a scintillator trigger as well as an external camera.
4. It can operate in command mode, or multichannel oscilloscope.

SquareWaveChAmp is a software used for oscilloscope on 16-bit system. It has many features. Among these is oscilloscope with two scan directions (vertical or horizontal) and oscilloscope with big mode which give real time value.
It can be used in followings.
A. for oscilloscope
*measurement of fixed value
*measurement of ramp value
*measurement of delta V
*measurement of frequency waveform
*it will measure 1Hz – 10MHz and display waveform in real time mode
B. for automatic control
* automatic oscilloscope
* oscilloscope with 1kHz to 1MHz
* oscilloscope with linear plot
* oscilloscope with zoom in/out
* 16-bit digital data will be displayed on screen with 0.1ms/divi.

Add a frequency waveform to your PC in real time. The program makes a real time waveform by using an internal high-resolution timer. The program allows changing of several variables of the waveform, such as waveform width and the sampling rate. This program is very useful for finding the frequency of a microwave, a sound wave or a light wave. The program can display the waveform as a 16-bit image. With this program, it is easy to plot a 1-kHz waveform of the audio output from your sound card. If you have a sound card with two sound channels, the program can plot a 2-channel waveform. If you have an analog-to-digital converter, you can also plot the waveform of an audio signal from it.
Version History
Version 2.0
Added a waveform that can be saved as a file to the waveform editor
Version 1.1
Improved color coding and editing of the waveform
Version 1.0
Initial releaseI hate people.

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What’s New In?

ScopePar is a serial oscilloscope from a single PC. It features a programmable oscilloscope and multichannel performance.



I had this problem once. Just do a search for “parallel serial programmer” and you’ll find some. As for programming a PIC from a PC, it’s a little hard to do but not impossible.
Basically, you’d need something like

an Arduino
a programming board for it

Arduino has a serial port so you can program it using standard serial commands. Programming the PICs in this arduino would be very easy.
You’d then need something to interface between the PIC and the arduino to communicate. I don’t know if arduino has one of those but normally you’d use a USB to Serial adapter.

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System Requirements:

* Game version: 1.1.0
* Operating System: Windows XP 32-bit or later / Windows Vista 32-bit or later / Windows 7 32-bit or later
* CPU: Intel Pentium 1.7Ghz or AMD Athlon XP 2.8Ghz or higher
* RAM: 2GB or higher
* Graphics: 128MB or higher
* Hard disk space: 10MB or higher
* Game Requirements:
* Xbox 360 disk version: installed
* Original Xbox disc version: not needed