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Household Register Free

Keep track of all your items. Assign photos, descriptions, values and values to each of your items. Register them into a timeline and generate reports and graphs. Schedule automatic backup of your data.
Household Register 2022 Crack Screenshots:

Screenshots included with Household Register

Household Register Requirements:

[Windows] 1.5 or above
[Downloads] 4.5 or above
[Household Register] 4 or above
[Household Register for Mac] 1.5 or above
[Household Register for Mac] 4 or above
[Household Register for Mac] 4 or above
[Household Register for Mac] 4.1 or above
[Household Register for Mac] 4.5 or above

Before you start installing, please note that you need to have at least Windows XP and your current version of Windows is 64-bit system. You can use the rollback function to revert back to the previous version of the program.

How to Install:

Click the download button or visit the website to get the file and save it on your computer.
Run the installer and follow the prompts to install Household Register.
Once installed, start Household Register and accept the EULA agreement.
Close Household Register and keep it closed until you are finished with all your inventory entries.

Double click on the inventory item on the right side to open it. Once you have opened the item, you can move it from category to category by simply dragging the item to the category you want.
You can add items to an empty category by right clicking on the new category and selecting the appropriate option.

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Household Register Crack + With Product Key [Updated] 2022

1. Enter your data
a. Enter the code that you want to use for your product to make it unique. This code will be assigned to your inventory object to make it different from the other objects.
b. Choose “Yes” or “No” to confirm the code. If you choose “Yes”, this code will be used for the product, otherwise the code will be free.
2. Select your object’s unique code (code entry)
Choose “Select code” to enter a unique code for your product. Choose “Edit code” to edit the code.
3. Enter the object’s location data
Choose “Location” to enter the details about the object’s location (i.e. where the product is stored). The location details are optional.
4. Choose the person who owns the object
Choose “Owner” to enter the details about the owner. The owner information is optional.
5. Enter the object’s value data
Choose “Value” to enter the data about the object’s value. The value data are optional.
6. Choose the object’s acquisition date
Choose “Date” to enter the acquisition date of the object. The acquisition date is optional.
7. Choose the product’s acquisition country
Choose “Country” to enter the country where the object was acquired. The country information is optional.
8. Enter the object’s price
Choose “Price” to enter the object’s price. The price is optional.
9. Choose the object’s acquisition method
Choose “Method” to enter the details about the object’s acquisition method. The acquisition method information is optional.
10. Enter the object’s manufacturer and model
Choose “Manufacturer” and “Model” to enter the details about the object’s manufacturer and model. The manufacturer and model information is optional.
11. Choose the object’s warranty period
Choose “Warranty” to enter the details about the object’s warranty period. The warranty period information is optional.
12. Choose the object’s value (buy) price
Choose “Buy” to enter the details about the object’s buy price. The buy price information is optional.
13. Choose the object’s unit
Choose “Unit” to enter the details about the object’s unit. The unit information is optional.
14. Choose the object’s description
Choose “Description” to enter the object’s description. The description information is optional.
15. Enter the object’s comment
Choose “Comments” to enter

Household Register Registration Code Free Download 2022 [New]

Household Register is a comprehensive Windows application whose purpose is to help you create and organize the items that you own. It may prove to be quite useful especially if you intend to keep track of your home or business objects and generate an inventory.
User interface
It comprises a bunch of dedicated parameters for helping you tweak the process in detail, so you need to take some time and experiment with the features if you want to make the most out of this utility. Additional information about each function is provided in the help manual.
Storing new items
Household Register gives you the possibility to add a new inventory item by entering general details (e.g. unique number, name, quantity, location, owner, and description), value data (e.g. date when the object was purchased, purchase price, invoice number, payment type, merchant, notes), warranty (e.g. expiration date, extended warranty, notes, phone number), and custom comments. Plus, you may add images from your computer (e.g. JPEG, GIF) and assign documents to the current entry.
Other handy features
The program lets you create an account for accessing the tool by providing information about the name and setting up a master password. By default, the first user is given supervisor privileges and he/she is able to insert additional users and set the access permissions for all users individually.
What’s more, you can choose between different preset categories (e.g. Appliances, Dishes, Entertainment, Electronics, Computers) or add your own ones, create a list with people that are responsible for the items in the inventory, schedule the backup process, generate reports (which can be printed or exported to PDF, HTML, XML, or plain text file format), view graphs sorted by location, category or owner, and export data to XLS, HTML, dBase III, dBase IV, or other file format.
Bottom line
All in all, Household Register comes bundled with a handy suite of features but the tool still needs some improvements in the GUI area to make the process more intuitive.

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What’s New in the Household Register?

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System Requirements For Household Register:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Additional Notes:
DirectX 9 (for hardware devices, graphics/graphics cards, and video cards) or DirectX 11 (for hardware-accelerated video cards) is required for proper operation.
How To Install:
1. Install