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Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen or AutoCAD Activation Code R14, formerly named “Drawing”, is the main product of AutoDesk. There are several products in the Autodesk suite that include AutoCAD Serial Key. AutoCAD 2022 Crack is a general-purpose, 2D drafting and design application for producing 2D drawings, diagrams and other 2D representations. The free, open-source, collaborative project collaboration software Civil 3D is a commercial product within the Autodesk software suite.

In October 2012, Autodesk Inc. announced that they were ending their monthly subscription program for AutoCAD in Europe and Asia, but continuing the plan in North America.[3]

Overview [ edit ]

The main window of the program displays several drawing spaces.[4] The drawing spaces can be adjusted to show a particular view (or the user can pan and zoom), and information can be viewed in each space. The view in any drawing space can be changed from “perspective” to “axonometric”, “isometric”, or “orthographic” (viewing the drawing from the top, bottom, or side, respectively).

A two-dimensional graphic element, called a control, can be placed in a drawing space and is designed to control the appearance of a feature, object or a drawing element. Controlling features is done using blocks, which consist of a graphic element and a drawing element. A block can be created in any drawing space and will appear as a single item.

When a drawing is saved, the changes made to the various drawing spaces are saved into the drawing file as a series of layers that each have their own scale, position, rotation, dimension, or line style. Each layer can be saved as a separate file, and many of the drawing tools, such as the dimension tool, automatically split the drawing into multiple layers. The various layers can also be organized into a drawing, which can be saved as a single file. The layer order in a drawing is the same as the order in which they appear in the drawing.

The Perspective Mode and Orthographic Mode [ edit ]

The main view (viewport) of a 2D drawing is called the Perspective View. This view is what one sees from the user’s position. The Perspective View can be switched from “Perspective” to “Perspective” for rotation on the 2D screen, which is similar to the 3D rotation. The Perspective View also allows for orthographic viewing, similar to the view

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External CAD apps
AutoCAD Serial Key is supported by CAD apps based on various CAD application architectures and technologies.

Using Autodesk Exchange:

Bridge: The Bridge works like AutoCAD, but includes support for AutoCAD Drawing Exchange (DXF). Bridge is the only CAD application that can open, view, and edit 3D and 2D drawings from the exchange format. This allows CAD engineers to work on the same model or drawing that is available to AutoCAD engineers, but at a greatly increased speed.
Architect: Architect is designed to create architectural visualizations, floorplans, and engineering models. It allows users to interact with models in 3D, 2D, or from Autodesk’s VRML 2.0 or 3D Studio format. Architect also allows users to create and manage 2D drawings from within the Architect model space.
Plant: Autodesk Plant 3D is an extension to the Autodesk Architecture 3D modeling and visualization software. It is designed to produce visualizations for landscaping and building site plans. It is compatible with Autodesk ExacGeo model format.
Civil 3D: Autodesk Civil 3D is a standalone rendering and vector-based CAD application. It supports the AutoCAD Drawing Exchange (DXF) format. Civil 3D is also a professional-level, fully integrated 3D modeler. It is a great solution for engineering and architecture visualization. Civil 3D can import and export many other file types, including VRML and the DWG format.
Architectural CAD: Architectural CAD is a 3D design program developed by Autodesk, with the intent of offering an alternative to Autodesk Revit. Architectural CAD is for the creation of both 2D drawings and 3D models, and for the creation of “visualizations” of 3D models. The most advanced features are aimed at architects, engineers and designers.

AppMobi is a mobile CAD application framework for AutoCAD that is available for both iPhone and Android operating systems. It provides AutoCAD Layer support, Axis Bookmarks and AutoCAD Standard Extensions (ACE) in AutoCAD to support mobile phone applications. It also can support AutoCAD Mobile Tools.

AppMobi also has support for various plug-ins, such as:

AutoCAD Mobile
AutoCAD Mobile Edition allows your users to access your native AutoCAD drawings on a mobile device via

AutoCAD [Updated-2022]

Go to customize in the menu.
Go to design, and activate the cloud service tab.

Create a new Autodesk account and login.
Go to the active cloud service area.

Connecting to the cloud service
Go to the cloud service area.
Select Autodesk Design Cloud and save in cloud.

Go to cloud and select Autocad.

Go to activation and follow the steps to complete the activation.

Sync data
Go to cloud and select the cloud service that was used when registering.

Go to sync data.

Select sync.

Select your local file.

Select Autocad.

Select the local file.

This will sync the local file on the desktop to cloud with a file sync that autocad stores.

These steps will add the local files in Autocad Design Cloud to the database.


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Chrome extensions: Access to the extension’s active tab

Suppose I have a Chrome extension with an extension.js that saves some data to a database.
How can I access the tab/window from which the extension was activated (e.g. by clicking on the icon in the Chrome toolbar)?


You can use window.opener to access the tab.
function get_tab(tab) {
var opener = window.opener;
if (opener) {
return opener.contentWindow.document;
return null;

You will have to cast the window returned from this to an iframe in order to access its contentWindow.

What’s New in the?

Tighten and delete circular entities, such as circular holes and curves. Use Autodesk’s Arc & Circular Tighten command to insert objects such as windows and doors, for better dimensioning and placement. (video: 1:07 min.)

Drawings exported from AutoCAD Raster to PDF 2.0 can be reused in AutoCAD Architectural. In fact, you can reuse any PDF, because architectural PDFs can support entire families of drawings, whether they are created with AutoCAD Architecture or AutoCAD Raster.

New commands in the documentation for hand tools:


Similar to the tool’s horizontal and vertical versions, Linear allows you to add a line to the current viewport. Use it to draw views of a three-dimensional model and create parallel and perspective views.


Draws a line perpendicular to the current view axis.


Draws a line parallel to the current view axis.


Use Snap to place points on a drawing screen. The line of the screen that connects points snaps to a line on your drawing.


Converts an existing line to a sketch. Sketch lines are used to measure and orient a construction project.


Creates or identifies the area of a drawing where you’re working. You can use it to define a drawing area or snap to a point.


Finds the horizontal and vertical levels of a drawing.


Rotates, in degrees, the current view of a drawing.


Traces the location of a physical edge. It can be one of the following types:

Hand tool (graphic): Sends a selection window to select a portion of a drawing. The selection window can be a rectangle, circle, polygon, arc, or spline.


Draws a circle around an object. You can control the type of circle, such as being straight or curved.


Draws an ellipse around an object. The size of the ellipse is controlled by the diameter.

Pens (graphics): This selection window type works just like the circle and ellipse graphics, but it lets you trace the edge of the pen.

Freehand (line)


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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