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This app allows you to control the mouse on your PC using a smartphone. This is a neat and useful app that allows you to control your PC using your Android smartphone and the free Keymacro software.
The mouse may not seem like a big deal, but controlling it is very useful when you want to quickly do something.
When you have installed Keymacro on your PC, you will be given the option to control the mouse using the mobile app. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to view the software’s options and configure your own gestures.
The app is also able to play videos on your PC, so if you have a lot of meetings to go to, you can turn on the screen and play videos, allowing you to put all your thoughts on ice.
In addition, the app can be used as a tool for video conferencing, allowing you to control your PC and use the microphone and video camera without leaving the meeting room.
Keymacro can also help you interact with your PC using the keyboard, allowing you to control your emails and open files.
Keymacro may not be a tool used by everyone, but the fact that it is free makes it an awesome app for many users.
An important feature of the app is the accessibility of its options and functions. You can configure the app to fit the layout of your screen and you can even access the app from your tablet.
Moreover, you can control the mouse using both touch and drag, as well as using your finger or a stylus.
All in all, the app does its job well and it is a great solution for those who do not have an extra mouse to control their PC.

In order to enjoy the ultimate glory of all types of racing, we will need to look no further than the PC racing racing genre. In fact, the game has been in circulation for a long time. Racing cars were supposed to be as stable as they are, but recently, with the arrival of virtual reality, the game has gone through some changes.
The game is called Race of Champions, the reason why you might have heard it before.
If you are keen on finding out more about the game, you might also want to look into the game play and graphics. However, the game itself can be quite the opposite, as you might have expected – it is a racing game, but it has very little to do with racing.
The story revolves around a team of wealthy individuals 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a simple, tiny and lightweight program for Windows, which can not only create and edit text files with macro capabilities, but also converts data files into various formats. KEYMACRO provides a variety of functions including cursor position, keyboard shortcut and quick access to frequently used functions.
Cursor placement
KEYMACRO has a simple interface that allows you to type a text string and immediately after press some key to create a macro. You can also use the keyboard to change the current line by pressing the Page Up/Down key to change the previous/next line.
Keyboard shortcut
When you have a sequence of keystroke like “F1, F2,…”, you can create a keyboard shortcut with such sequence. For example, create a shortcut for F1 with F1 followed by F2 followed by…, so you can use it with one hand, and you can remember the target if the shortcut is not activated.
Intelligent auto-update
KEYMACRO provides an auto-update feature, which is very convenient for your computer to use new version. You can set the schedule to check for updates from a remote server, or set to update automatically.
Fast conversion
KEYMACRO allows you to convert text, html, ascii, unicode, excel and other files to a variety of formats with one click. In addition, the program allows you to extract text from files, and create a new file from the text.
Support for Unicode
KEYMACRO now supports Unicode and has been updated to support the latest Unicode standard, version 6.2.
Multiple document support
KEYMACRO supports multiple documents at the same time. This allows you to open a text file on a remote server and edit it simultaneously.
Keyboard Shortcut
Since the first version of KEYMACRO, the program supports using the keyboard to change the cursor position, the text in the current line, the current document, and the next document.
Format conversion
KEYMACRO now supports the following formats: ascii, unicode, html, excel and others. You can easily convert one format to another format.
Intelligent auto-update
KeyMACRO also has an intelligent auto-update feature. This allows you to set a schedule to check for updates automatically from a remote server, or set to update automatically.


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by ThePascal

September 24, 2009