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This is a very small, very simple simulation that is meant to show what happens when you put many particles together (on the order of millions) and let them interact with each other.
The little blue and green particles represent two groups of little green particles, and they are placed randomly throughout the simulation. Then the simulation is started, and the little blue particles (which are named after the particles they are most like) evolve. The simulation is computationally much slower than the real universe, because the particles aren’t real, they are represented by 64x64x64 cubes, so they are very small.
I also made a little movie out of it. I apologize for the low quality, but I was having a hard time getting the animation to work.

KEYMACRO Description:

Galaxy Simulator 3D Volume Example (1)
This is a collection of 3D volumes with randomly placed galaxies.
The galaxies are placed in the volume in a random fashion.
After a while, they get drawn together and begin orbiting the center of mass of the volume.
The three different colors represent three types of galaxies.
The blue, green, and red galaxies have initial velocities which result in somewhat different orbits for the group.
The larger the group, the slower the rotation speed of the center of mass of the group of galaxies.
It’s one of my ‘typical’ 3D volumes.

I was reading around on the web last night and got really intrigued by the whole’simulating galaxies’ thing.
My curiosity has been piqued so I’ve decided to try to do a little project of my own.
I’ve been searching around for a little while and wasn’t finding a lot of material that interested me (I’m not so experienced a programmer, so I’m having to play catch-up a bit), but I stumbled across these two images: 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a tool that can help you activate hidden or user-defined macros quickly and easily.
Can be configured to work with various file types
KEYMACRO supports a variety of file formats, such as documents, images, audio files and videos. It can also work with standard windows system files (folders, config.ini, registries) and different formats like texts and HTML documents.
KEYMACRO is configurable in such a way that you can assign a different macro to different files, which makes it possible to activate or add to existing functions by simply selecting the file to work with.
Integrated with Easy Macro
KeyMacro makes it possible that you can activate macros for various documents, which can be saved as text files.
Furthermore, it comes with an in-built macro recorder that will allow you to record your standard, user-defined functions, which makes it possible for you to edit these macros and change their functions later.


Install this:

Advanced Macro Recorder
Unpack the RAR
Add files to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\AdvancedMacroRecorder\
Run the program
It will create a shortcut to “Advanced Macro Recorder” in the program menu
Right click on it and it should bring up the Macro Settings like below
If it says “Macros cannot be imported into this file because of the “Embedded Macros” error” then right click on it and open with notepad
Save the Macro Settings to the file “Default.MacroSettings”
Click the check box “Load default settings when opening a new file”
The default settings will then be applied to every new file (however, it will not overwrite any Macro already loaded from the previous file).

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\overline{\partial}_{{\mathbb{R}}} \end{pmatrix}
+ \overline{\partial}_{{\mathbb{C}}}\overline{v}_{{\mathbb{R}}}
+ \overline{\partial}_{