Connecting NER

Unique. Handcrafted. Giving.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it “ –  Abe Lincoln

This has been the motivating force behind Connecting NER’s inception; which stands for Connecting North East region of India (CNER). We started this company as a passion project. At first, it was just plain old research about the crafts of northeast India, the people behind it,  how it came about and its relevance today. What we learnt and continue to has been nothing short of amazing.

Often described with a hint of mesmerization and other such synonyms, North-East India remains to be unexplored and untouched on many levels. Its’ terrain and location makes it a tad bit difficult for people to visit us. CNER was founded to explore the unexplored and bring to you stories of people from this part of the country. These stories will include the history behind beautiful, age-old crafts and the communities that practise it. There are 100+ tribes that reside in NE India, alone. And, while many have survived to tell their stories there are a few that are lesser known and exist in smaller numbers. Their heritage is what we will strive to save. Each of these communities, to this date, practise beautiful art forms. Their world and that of ours is separated by the principle of simplicity that the communities lead their lives with- something that is also reflected in their crafts and art. Our social enterprise will allow us to work with indigenous tribes across Sikkim, Arunachal, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Meghalaya and Assam.

What really got us going was how little information there is on the North-East region of India, about its people, festival, origin of crafts, the independence with which people live, thus making their lifestyle so viable and friendly- to earth and their future generations. Additionally, not many enterprises enjoy their derived limelight for uplifting craftspeople and their skills. Connecting NER is in the business of preserving these stories that give meaning and beauty to all that is in addition to being a brand that brings to fore products led by design and purpose. Connecting NER is an ode to handicrafts, yes, but more importantly to the north-east of India too. We are trying, and still learning with a long way to go, to take you through what our region is all about.

The things we choose to surround, or not, ourselves with is a reflection of our day to day needs and beliefs. While one may not directly exhibit traits of an interior-design enthusiast, there is an on-going process in the person’s mind that makes them decide on a particular item whilst accessorizing their space. In current times, where we are being forced to spend more time indoors, that key word has become utility alongside comfort.

While the crafts that exist in NE India are supportive of a plethora of artefacts, we want to focus on what the world needs now, what will serve a definite purpose to our customer while also ensuring the convenience quotient for our artisans. Along with that, Connecting NER is on its way to be part of a movement, started by our predecessors, wherein artisanal items, untouched by machines, get their deserved value. We could not be happier to have the support of many people, behind the scenes, especially the creators and hope to do right by them and everyone else.

We are elated to have you & to take you through this journey with us. The places we will travel to, crafts we will explore, day to day challenges of the gifted artisans who take only what they require from Mother Earth while giving back more by living sustainably- lives that think for the generations to come. As we get on this path, we will also highlight the fair trade practises that will be followed by CNER. Apart from the obvious, there are more reasons to ensure this, which we will discuss soon.

We are here to listen. Let’s keep in touch!

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